Programming Projects

Kex Engine

The Kex engine is a very ambitious programming project that I’ve started around summer 2012. Kex is a simple open source FPS engine created from the ground up that will be ideally designed for a small-person team, but mostly will serve as a sandbox/teaching tool for modders or indie developers. The main motivation behind this project is to advance my knowledge outside of game design and further help understand the concepts of designing a system and of course, to advance my scripting skills even further. Though while the engine is currently lacking rendering features, the main focus is geared towards gameplay features and usability. Some of the core features in Kex includes:

  • Script-based debugging tools
  • Actor-driven level format
  • Javascript/Lua-driven component objects (similar to that of Unity)
  • Easily execute script code in console

Screenshots below are demonstration of the engine in use, which is also being used to recreate the classic Nintendo 64 game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

kex2_00 kex2_01 kex2_02 kex2_03 kex2_04

Script samples:

Github Repository

Doom 64 EX

A recreation of the original Nintendo 64 game using the existing Doom1/2 source code. Most of the rendering code has been redone from scratch and replaced with OpenGL rendering.

Some of the core features and accomplishments include:

SVN Repository

Doom 64 DS

A port of Doom64 EX to the Nintendo DS platform using conventional homebrew tools.

Accomplishments include:

  • Custom renderer optimized for taking advantage of the DS hardware
  • VRAM garbage collector
  • Texture manager
SVN Repository


A script parser/interpreter that compiles a text script into a Strife dialog script to be used in custom levels.


Download Link