Section 8: Prejudice

Like with the previous title, time was a huge issue in development (having being a 20~30 person team) and it required me to spend that time very wisely when designing these levels. Unlike before, environment art was more involved with visuals, leaving me to focus more on the gameplay, user experience and pacing for the campaign levels. Eventually I was later brought back in to help out with several visual polish phases and lighting tweaks. This has been the fastest project so far that we’ve shipped (took only a year to develop).

Final Mission – Prejudice

I was primarily responsible for all gameplay elements in the level and worked closely with environment art to achieve the desired visuals that we wanted. I later did some finishing touches to various parts of the level such as the collapsed tunnel and some detail work to some of the interior spaces. I’ve also designed the final boss based on the limited resources we had and the systems that was currently implemented. Even with the constraints, I’ve managed to make it a unique and interesting fight without requiring any additional code support.


Gameplay Video (Part 1)

Gameplay Video (Part 2 & boss fight)

Mission 4 – Stormfront

I’ve took over this level due to overwhelming work on other designers. The major work I’ve done was redesigning the first half of this mission, which was lacking a lot of visuals and gameplay elements. I’ve wanted to break up pacing here since the past levels all involved non-stop run-and-gun gameplay. Once again, without having art or programming support, I’ve updated the first half of the level with hazard elements (such as operational mining drills), requiring the player to carefully plan his movements when navigating.


Gameplay Video (Part 1)

Gameplay Video (Part 2)


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