Minimum is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that combines a simplistic art-style with old school team deathmatch gameplay. Unfortunately, development on this project stopped due to financial issues at Timegate.

Game Website

Untitled Jungle Map

Level was constructed in just 4 days and visuals were based on a previous jungle map that was made for Minimum. This level is incomplete and only made through the initial blockout pass. One of the biggest issues that persisted Minimum was the level design. Developers were still experimenting on what ‘defines’ a Minimum level and some of the existing maps varied in layout and style. The previous jungle map was very large, open and felt more like an arena while another map was too small and cramped. I approached this idea of combining these two elements together and taking ideas based on my mod work experiences in Quake and Unreal Tournament. This level features a large courtyard with many different access points and several medium to large size interior spaces that allows easy navigation flow and kept the scope of this map somewhat small to best suit 8 to 16 players. Another challenge was to make each area distinct and memorable within a minimalistic-style game. This map has at least three unique rooms (courtyard, shrine, and pillar room), all connecting to one another, which helps ‘funnel’ the player around the map and prevent the player from getting lost in the interior sections. As a result, this map got the most attention and praise and was going to be the map that defined the standards in Minimum’s TDM level pipeline.



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