F.E.A.R – Perseus Mandate

I am responsible for a majority of the level content and was responsible for optimizing nearly all levels for the Xbox 360 including several multiplayer levels.

Responsibilities include:

  • Initial design of level layout
  • Prototyping/Blocking out level
  • Full gameplay implementation
  • Full scripting implementation
  • Full sound/ambience/dialog implementation
  • Full work on texturing, lighting, detailing and finalizing
  • Optimizations to achieve desired performance on Xbox 360
  • Being able to quickly revise portions of the level while under a tight schedule.

Auburn (TG Test Map)

A very straight forward and simple test map that I did for Timegate. Map was finished within a week.


Introduction (Arrival)

While being the first level in the game, this was the very last level in the development pipeline. This level went through many, MANY revisions due to constant changes in the script, storyline and direction. Eventually 80% of the level was redesigned from scratch during the alpha stage.

This was also a very heavily scripted level primarily due to the intro cinematic, friendly AI that assists the player throughout the level and various combat introduction sequences and all of the dialog triggering, character animation timing was also scripted. The friendly AI script was probably the most complicated one of them all due to the technical limitations in Monolith’s tech which I relied on various triggers to script them to defend a certain point in a level, to change their awareness and goalsets and to know when the player is either ahead or behind. I basically had a small sub-system of scripted triggers to easily manage my friendly AI bots and things worked out very well. Overall I was very satisfied with how the scripting, pacing and gameplay turned out for this level, despite of the hectic redesign at the very last minute.



Data Center

This level went through many cinematic revisions due to changes in the story script. During the final stages in FearXP2’s development, the level was looking too much like the office levels from the original Fear game and as a solution, several areas were added to make the level resemble more of a actual Data Center. The last area in the level (the turret room) was completely scrapped and redesigned from the ground up, which was worth it in the end. The scare scene with the clone facility vision was also added in a few weeks before RC (release candidate).

This level plays a large role in Perseus Mandate’s storyline which first introduces the Nightcrawlers and sets the plot for the rest of the game.


Video pt1

Video pt2

Research Facility

I was only responsible for the first half of the level’s texturing, decoration and lighting. I also added several additional areas to extend the level’s playtime and was also responsible for revamping the Power Armor fight.


Train Yard

This was a complete monster to optimize. The first combat area with the abandoned trains was extremely difficult to optimized and as a result, a lot of the lighting was sacrificed which visually, was undesirable. I had a blast with the scripting as this was one of the first levels in Perseus Mandate that begins the horror events as well as the first level to re-introduce the Replicas. I kinda overkilled the nightmare sequence a bit which personally I felt that it lasted too long but was one of the most trippiest nightmare sequences I’ve done and that stood out from the rest of these type of sequences.


Video pt1

Video pt2


This was more of a straight forward level with one puzzle element and a couple of multi-leveled combat areas. This was probably one of my favorites in terms of atmosphere and visuals. The ending contains yet another complex scripted event involving the player and the antagonist who was locked in a cargo cage which the player had to get him out and let him lead the way to a underground shaft.


Video pt1

Video pt2

Clone Production

I helped set the art style for the cloning facility levels as there was no art direction in what these facilities would look like. When I began the art pass for this level, the art department began using some of my custom prefabs, structures and other geometry as a standard for how the rest of the clone facility levels should look like. In addition to some unique combat areas, the last area features an intense mini-boss battle with two Nightcrawlers who shares the characteristics of both Replicas and Assassins. At one point, it almost felt like playing a deathmatch game.


Video pt1

Video pt2

Video pt3